Ten Wonderful Names I Might Just Use For My Future Cats

Posted October 18, 2016 by Adalyn in Books, Top Ten Tuesday / 29 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is: Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. So for this one I decided just to list off my ten favorite character names that’ll probably end up being used for my future cats. Once I graduate high school and move out (which is still a few years away…) I plan on adopting lots of cats. After all, they are my favorite animal. I already have one and I love her so much. A few more can’t hurt. 😉

This sounds really weird, but I love names. I love reading books with characters who have super pretty names or just cool names in general. For some reason, I’ve always liked names. Coming up with names for characters can be super stressful, but I love it because I’m discovering all these awesome new names all the while trying to find the perfect one.


And of course, honorable mentions go to Angelica, Eliza AND Peggy from Hamilton! Yes, all three of them were real people, but I would love to have three cats at once all named after the sisters. I also love the name Adelina from The Young Elites, but it’s so similar to my name, I would never use it.

What are some of your favorite character names? If you were to name a pet or child or something after a fictional character, who would it be? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to link your TTT post!

29 responses to “Ten Wonderful Names I Might Just Use For My Future Cats

  1. Hahaha I cannot imagine calling my cat Bellatrix. I love the name Emilia! I even read Salt to the Sea and I forgot about it!

    • Adalyn

      I think Bellatrix is such a cute cat name, ha! I love the name Emilia in general, not just for my cats, though it’ll probably be used for a cat.

    • Adalyn

      I think Auggie is such a great name for all sorts of pets! That’s too bad though, I’m sorry. I have lots of friends who are allergic as well.

  2. YES, I can totally relate to this. So far all my pets have been shared with my family so I didn’t have total say on what to name them but SOON. ALL the fandom names shall be used xD Love Inej and Jem for cats.

    • Adalyn

      A soon as I move out I plan to adopt lots of kittens and puppies, giving them all the fandom names like you sad, haha. Inej and Jem are such cute cat names, even just Jemmy.

  3. Inej and Minerva are two fantastic characters, and their names are amazing too, so I’m so glad to see them on your list. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

    • Adalyn

      Yes! I just find those two names to be so cute for cats, Inej a very lithe little black cat and Minerva a tabby (I already have it all planned out). And, thank you! it means a lot. <3

  4. So many wonderful names in this list. Emilia is definitely a favourite of mine. Inej and Nikolai are also epic names and ones I’d probably give to my future cats because I love the characters so much haha.

    • Adalyn

      Thanks, haha, and thanks for stopping by! Lysandra is such a sweet name for a little kitten.

    • Adalyn

      Bellatrix may be a pretty terrible character personality wise, but it’s still a great name. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Adalyn

      Crookshanks would be so cute, but he was such a moody grumpy cat, I wouldn’t want to jinx it. Luna is such a cute name either way though. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Adalyn

      Thanks you, and thanks for stopping by! There are too many Harry Potter names that would be great for pets, Minerva and Bellatrix are my favorites though!

    • Adalyn

      I’ve heard of dogs with the names, but I think it would be super cute for a little ginger cat especially. Thanks for stopping by!