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This tag was created by Shannon over at It Starts at Midnight, and I’ve seen a bunch of these pop up lately, so I thought this would be a fun tag to do, even though the Olympics are officially over tomorrow. I don’t watch the Summer Olympics all that much, though I do enjoy watching gymnastics, and much rather prefer the Winter Olympics.



Six of Crows is one of my all time favorites. It pulled me in right from the first page, and I never wanted to stop reading.



I just realized I’ve never read a book centered around a road-trip. Since you’ve Been Gone counts, right?


IMG_4213How could I not choose The Infernal Devices though? This is one of my favorites, and the love triangle was done really well.



What I don’t understand is all the hype around these books. They were just so confusing and the characters were so annoying.



When We Collided is one of my favorite contemporaries. I loved it so much.


IMG_5153The last three Harry Potter books had lots of fighting, bloodshed, and death *cries*. Seriously though, too much death. Why did all my favorites have to die?



IMG_4884I’m just going to go with Cassandra Clare’s books in general because there are so many great plot twists. Gymnastics is actually my favorite sport to watch as well!


IMG_8825This book definitely made me cry, but not sob. Deathly Hallows did that for me, but I already mentioned it. The ending in Salt to the Sea was just soooo sad though.


IMG_7443This book was really slow paced, but I still really enjoyed it, despite normally having a hard time with slow paced books.



I picked up Dear Pen Pal in third grade, and became obsessed with this series. i still have yet to read the newest book though.



Now that I think about it, I haven’t read many books with animals. The unexpected Everything had lots of adorable dogs (and a cat) though!

obt11-768x327IMG_4900This cover is absolutely gorgeous, it’s too bad that I didn’t like the book. I had such a hard time with this one.



Can I just say how much I love all the friendships in this book?! My favorite is Thorne and Cinder though, of course. I love Thorne’s stupid comments followed up by Cinder’s snarky sarcastic responses.


Have you been watching the Olympics? Whats your favorite event to watch?


8 responses to “The Olympic Book Tag

  1. OOOH! I love this tag so much! In fact, I just might do it:P I really like Thorne’s and Cinder’s friendship as well, especially when they were reunited back in Cress! It was only mildly awesome.


    I didn’t get through And I Darken, unfortunately. It just wasn’t something I got into at all.

    LOVELY POST! Have a great week.

    • Adalyn

      Yay! You need to link me to your post if you do. 😉 Their little reunion in Cress was great, but my favorite just had to be all their little interactions in Winter, the part about putting rice in her head was the best. Six of Crows is one of the best books I’ve ever read! I’m basically dying over here as well because i don’t have Crooked Kingdom yet. *cries* I NEED it! I can definitely see And I Darken being a hard one to finish because it was so slow and so long, for sure. Thank you, and you as well!

  2. Love your answers to the prompt! I’M OBSESSEEEDDD with Six of Crows so I’m delighted to see it on the top of your list 😛 it hooked me from the first chapter as well! I could only agree with you on The Infernal Devices having the best love triangle. Come to think of it, it’s the ONLY love triangle I enjoy. I usually hate one of the two guys, but I love both Will and Jem <3 also I envy your collection of Cassandra Clare's books! and I would totally add A Darker Shade of Magic to that plot twist prompt. PLOT TWIST EVERYWHERE! I'm currently reading And I Darken and it was really really slow I already slept twice??! But the characters are awesome so I'm pushing myself to keep reading :')

    • Adalyn

      I’m super obsessed with Six of Crows as well. I love every little part of it! <3 There have been a few other love-triangles that I've somewhat liked, but not like how I loved Will and Jem and their relationships with each other and Tessa. I'm just glad that them both being in love with Tessa never came in the way of their friendship. I still have not yet ADSOM, or any of Schwab's books except for This Savage Song. I guess I really need to get on that though. For me, And I Darken's slow plot made it kind of boring, but not bad at all. The characters a re great, so I hope you end up enjoying it!

  3. I chose The Infernal Devices for a great love triangle, too! And I love the Mother-Daughter Book Club series, and I’m in the same place as you for not having read the last book yet.

    If you liked the Morgan Matson books you’ve read and you want to read a book with a road trip, I HIGHLY recommend Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. It’s the first Morgan Matson book I read, and I loved it!

    • Adalyn

      I really want to read it, but there are so many books I would rather read first, you know? It’s been so long since I read A Mother Daughter Book Club book so that’s probably why. Cassamdra Clare did such a good job with the triangle in TID because you’re able to fall in love with both love interests, and not just one. I’ve been wanting to read Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour for so long, it’s actually been sitting in my Amazon save for later since like February. *sigh* I’ll get to it someday though.