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You guys, I have the most amazing news ever!…

Next year I’m going to Europe! Can you believe it? I still cannot, and it’s been official for two(ish) weeks now. It’s been my dream ever since I can remember to go to Europe, so I’m super excited. I never pictured the countries I’m going to (more on that later) to be the first European countries I’ve visited, but I’m so grateful I’m going to have this opportunity next year.

Anyways, because I’m actually traveling today (I schedule all my posts, so I’m probably in the car on my way to my destination as this is published) I thought I would do a post on reading and traveling. I’ll discuss books to read when traveling and also how I find time to read while having so much to do on vacation.


The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

This is a total coming of age summer vacation story that’s perfect to read while your at the beach or just hanging out at the pool, or anywhere, really. It’s pretty long too, which I prefer when reading while traveling. That way I only have to bring one or two books (depends on the length of your trip) instead of hauling like five shorter books.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

What’s better than traveling through time during your travels? Again, this book is pretty long and heavy, which, personally, I prefer. It’s all about time travel with romance mixed in there. I love Alexandra Bracken’s writing, too. This book would be perfect for any vacation.

When We Collided by Emery Lord

Another summer vacation story! This one isn’t super long, but it’s heavy on the side because it deals with mental illness. I will say I’m not the biggest fan of mental illness books, but I really enjoyed this one. While having a dark side to it, it’s also a super adorable summer love story, there’s just some bad stuff mixed in.

Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Can you get any better than a book taking place in Florence, Italy? I don’t think you can. I will say this, I’m gonna be in Florence next year on my Europe trip, and I’m so excited. Even though it’s not until next summer, I’m already planning on reading this one during my travels. It’s a super cute summer love story that takes place in Italy (!!!!) and it’s full of gelato. I mean, you know me, I love anything like ice cream (sorbet, gelato, all that jazz).

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Okay, but how many times can I recommend this book? I think I already have about 5,000 times, but it’s just that good. This book is long, but it’s super light and goes by so fast. It’s absolutely hilarious. The comedy is amazing. Another one I’m probably gonna reread on my trip next year.


I get it, it can be hard to find time to read on vacation. Personally, I read a lot when traveling. Then again, most of the time I’m taking trips to places that I’ve lived in before or have been to many times before. I also read a lot when I’m on road trips or flying, though I don’t fly that much. I have a feeling I will get more reading done when flying to Europe next year than I will when I’m actually there. But hey, I’ll be going somewhere new, it totally makes sense.

Read on the Plane or in the Car!

Like I said, I get a lot of reading done when I’m in the car or on a plane. Usually I take long books so I don’t finish them right away, so I’ll always recommend taking lengthy books while traveling. If you’re going on a tour bus or car or something like that, you could also get some reading done, though you may also want to watch out the window the whole time (which I totally get, I do that a lot).

Read at the Beach!

If you’re going on a beach vacation, always take a book to the beach! I personally hate the ocean so I spend all my time at the beach either hanging out with old friends (I used to live by the beach so we vacation there a lot) or reading. Even if you do plan to be in the water and swimming or surfing or whatever, still bring a book. That way, if you get bored you’ll always have something to do.

Read Before Falling Asleep!

Even at home, I like to read before going to bed, and I know most people do too. If you’re on vacation and it’s been a busy day, a great way to rewind is to just read a book (or watch a movie… whatever works). Make sure you don’t spend all your free time watching TV or on social media, that way you won’t get any reading done. I mean yes, you can do that, but if you still want to read, I don’t recommend it.

So, what are you tips for reading when traveling? Anything I didn’t mention? Also, what books do you like to take and read with you on vacation? Anything you recommend I read during my travels?

5 responses to “Reading While Traveling

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  2. I haven’t any books on your list but I’m actually going travelling soon so I guess that’s a good time to read these books. Yes it’s a great time to read those big books. Great post Adalyn!!

  3. I’ve read four of the books on your list (all except My Lady Jane – hopefully I’ll get to that soon!) and they’re all PERFECT for travel reading! As for finding time to read, I find that when I’m traveling, there are always weird little 20-30 minute breaks throughout the day where nothing is happening – perfect for reading!

    • Adalyn

      You NEED to read My Lady Jane, it’s amazing! I don’t normally rave about books this much, but My Lady Jane is a must. I totally agree though, but usually I just use those 20-30 minutes for social media when I should be reading, oops.