GlitteringReads Book Club

Posted April 29, 2017 by Adalyn in book club, Books / 0 Comments

The other day I was thinking about starting a book club and how fun that might be, or at least joining one. So I started looking into it on Goodreads and talking to some friends on Bookstagram. Then yesterday, I created GlitteringReads Book Club!

About the Book Club

It’s a GoodReads group where every month we will vote on a book. The book with the highest number of votes becomes the book we will read the following month. So right now, I set up a poll to vote for the Upside of Unrequited, Strange the Dreamer, Spindle Fire, or Given to the Sea. Next month, I will set the book that wins as “currently reading” for the group. I will also set up a discussion page. You can buddy read with other group members or just talk about what you thought of the book after reading it on the group page! It’s up to you. And keep in mind, you do not have to read the book. You can skip months if the book does not appeal to you, you do not have the time, or you have already read it.

I am thinking of possibly adding a second book to read each month as well. So we would still read one with the most votes, but another as well. I’m trying to decide how I want to do this, one also included in the poll or one in the same genre or by the same author. Let me know your thoughts on this. Oh and of you have any suggestions for books to add to the polls, then let me know as well!

There are also discussion posts up to talk about your favorite books/authors/genres etc. and one to introduce yourself to the rest of the group. It’s a great way to meet others who share similar book tastes as you! And to just make friends in general.

How to Join

This is pretty simple. First, you will need a GoodReads account, so if you don’t already, then you should probably go do that. If you’re already signed up to GoodReads, all you need to do is follow this link to the group page. At the top there should be a button to join the group, just click that button and you’re in! Pretty simple, right?

Once you’ve joined the group, make sure to introduce yourself on the group’s introduction page. After that, go ahead and comment on any other discussions you would like to and vote on the poll for what you would like to read next.

I can’t wait to see you all there!