Five Reasons to Give into the Hype and Read Sarah J Maas’ Books

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Most people I know have at least read one of Sarah J. Maas’ (SJM) books, but there are still many who have not. So as a huge SJM fan, I am here to try and convince those of you who won’t give into the hype and read her amazing books. As of right now, she has only written two series, but I love them both so much it’s crazy. And I’m the type of person who when I really love a book that much, I make sure everyone I know reads it. Without further ado, here are five reasons why you need to give into the hype and read her books!

Beautiful, descriptive writing

Maas doesn’t have beautiful writing in the sense of poetic and flowery, but her writing is still very beautiful. I love the way she writes and describes everything that is happening. I know some people think she can go into too much detail, but in my opinion, she goes into just enough detail to give you a clear picture with some room to fill in the blanks.

Amazing, complex characters

Again, I know some people do not agree with this, but this is entirely my opinion. I love almost all her characters, and the characters I don’t love are still very well developed and complex. All of them have interesting backstories and Maas does a great job with developing her characters throughout the series. Some of my all time favorite fictional characters are from SJM books.

The Plotlines

Her plots may not be the most unique things out there, but I love all of them. The A Court of Thorns and Roses starts off with a human girl being kidnapped by a fae and taken to his realm while Throne of Glass is about an assassin who has just escaped from a death camp to fight to become the king’s next assassin. As the series’ go on, the plots deepen and become even more interesting and engaging.

Fantasy World I Want to Live In

I am obsessed with both of Maas’ fantasy worlds. First Prythian from the ACOTAR series is beautiful, and I love the court system. I am obviously Winter Court. And Erilea from Throne of Glass is beautiful and so interesting as well. I especially love the country Terrasen in Erilea, but the whole world is beautiful.  I wish I could live in both of these worlds, just not during the course of the books.

Dorian Havilliard and Rhysand

This kind of ties into my earlier point about characters, but these two alone should be enough to convince you. I just love them both so much! Dorian (from Throne of Glass) is so sweet but at the time he’s not? And he loves puppies and books and aghhh I love him. Where do I even start with Rhysand (from ACOTAR)? I guess you’ll just have to read the books to find out 😉

I hope that was enough to convince all of you who have not already read a Maas book to read a Maas book. Just go and read the reviews for some of her books and maybe that’ll convince you even more. As you can tell, I am a very loyal and loving fan of her books. XD Throne of Glass is also one of the books that got me into YA too. Okay, but why are you even still here? You should be reading one of Maas’s amazing books instead.

5 responses to “Five Reasons to Give into the Hype and Read Sarah J Maas’ Books

  1. Yes, I love SJM’s books! I agree with all of these points, especially about Rhysand! He’s dreamy! I actually got to meet her last year, and she was absolutely wonderful! ❤

  2. I’m so happy to see this list, and I agree with every point! I’ve been reading Maas’ books for quite a few years now and I just love them. It seems to have become popular in the past months (year?) to jump on the hate bandwagon against her and I’m not entirely sure where that came from, so I’m glad to see some love for her books again! Great post. 🙂

  3. I JUST started reading her books (I just finished ACOMAF) and I am obsessed. Definitely going to read all of her other ones!!