Adventures in Florence

Posted July 20, 2017 by Adalyn in Travel / 0 Comments

We left Rome after three days. I was sad to leave the beautiful city, but so so so excited for Florence! Now unlike Rome there weren’t as many landmarks and sights to see and we were only there for a day and half. Most of our time was just spent walking around and exploring the city.

That evening, we arrived and walked around for a bit. Thankfully, our hotel was within walking distance of everything, so no annoying bus rides or anything. It was also pretty close to the Duomo, which was extremely crowded in the evening. It was crazy. So we checked that out then went for dinner and gelato. On the way we passed Piazza Della Signoria as well.

So the following day, we woke up and then we walked back over to the Duomo and spent more time checking it out and the Baptistery of San Giovanni (the doors are so gorgeous on the baptistery! The ones you see outside are replicas, but if you go inside the Duomo museum, which I sadly did not, you can see the original). The Duomo is seriously one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen and the architecture is incredible! Sadly, it is very dirty on the sides and in the back, but if you go in the front, it really is beautiful.

This is my absolute favorite photo I got of the Duomo.

Afterwards, we walked back to Piazza della Signoria, which is where the copy of the David by Michelangelo is. We were not able to see the original though since we didn’t have enough time. The Fountain of Neptune was under construction so we did not get to see that. There were many other beautiful statues (we went to the Loggia dei Lanzi and checkout out those along with a few others in the piazza). as well and the Palazzo Vecchio, which is the town hall.

The David.

From there, we walked to Ponte Vecchio. I’m so sad because I wasn’t able to get many great photos of it, but it was still really beautiful! I loved walking across the bridge and seeing the other part of the city across the bridge.

After that, we had more time to explore on our own. We checked out this really interesting science museum then went and just explored the city. I choose to go into the Duomo this time and afterwards we walked around to some of the markets and ate before going back to our hotel before dinner. Florence is such a beautiful city and I really hope I will have the opportunity to go again and spend more time checking it out and also going to more of the museums.

The ceiling of the Duomo.

So that was all for my adventures in Florence! Like I said, I can’t wait to go back and see more of the city. It is so beautiful and while there aren’t as many famous landmarks like in other cities, it is definitely worth it. I’m sad we only had a day there because you need so much more time than that to really get to know the city. Although, I cannot decide if I liked Florence or Rome better because I loved both for completely different reasons.

Have you been to Florence? If so, which spot was your favorite? What’s your favorite city? Or one place you’ve always wanted to visit? Let me know down below!